Comprehensive childbirth class

Learn to trust your body, your baby, and the birth process, increasing your chances of a safer and satisfying natural childbirth.  

We will discuss:

  • Nutrition & exercise in preganancy
  • Active participation of the partner as birth coach
  • The natural labor process and the effects of interventions
  • Coping techniques and comfort measures
  • Physical, mental, and emotional relaxation
  • Positive communications with your birth team
  • Self-advocacy and informed consent or refusal
  • Embracing labor and birth without fear

Infant care class

Join us as we discuss how to care for your new baby's physical, mental, and emotional needs with compassion and respect for him or her as a whole person.

Topics Include:

  • Baby's life in the womb and transition to the outer world
  • Calming a crying baby
  • Recognizing early hunger cues
  • Rethinking "tummy time"
  • Benefits of baby-wearing
  • Diapering, bathing, and cord care
  • What to do when your baby is sick
  • Controversial decisions like vaccines, circumcision, and co-sleeping.
  • Postpartum care
  • And more!