My name is Christy, and I have been teaching childbirth classes since February of 2014. My husband, John, and I have been married since September of 2006. After a couple years of marriage, we were ready to start our family, though it took us almost a year to conceive and had us wondering if we were capable of having children. When we finally became pregnant, we were over the moon!

We decided to give birth at a free-standing birth center, found a midwife we adored, and had a wonderful experience from beginning to end. My pregnancy was fun and exciting, and the birth, while very difficult, was a positive experience surrounded by loved ones who supported me and trusted my body to do what it was made to do without undue interference. Our son, Benjamin, was born in July of 2010 and is now an active and joyfully inquisitive little first grader!

We barely had to try to get pregnant the next time around. My second pregnancy was somewhat harder on me than the first had been, both physically and emotionally, but by the end I was beginning to get excited to meet this new little addition as well as to experience our first home birth! I gave birth to a little girl, Carolyn, in February of 2012, and she has been a ball of sunshine from day one.

While I spent some time practicing as a certified birth doula, I always found it very hard to manage the on-call schedule of attending births with young children at home. When a friend mentioned the idea of becoming a childbirth educator, it was like a light bulb appeared above my head! Why hadn’t I thought of that?? I love to teach, to listen and encourage, and to try to spark the same fire in others for things I’m passionate about, and childbirth is one of my biggest passions (as anyone who knows me can attest!)

Aside from the exciting worlds of family and teaching…

I also enjoy singing and playing guitar; John and I love to sing together and are hoping to pass on our love of music to our kids. I love cooking and baking (though not doing the dishes they create!) We are also sci-fi/fantasy geeks, so if you see my kids, don’t be surprised if you catch one of them wielding a lightsaber, sonic screwdriver, or elvish blade. ;)